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Infants 1 (6 weeks to 18)

Kidz Rocket daycare has low infant to teacher ratios which fosters healthy emotional growth as the teachers respond to the infants needs


As toddlers grow their main objective is independence. Our toddler teachers provide encouragement and guidance as toddlers discover and gain their independence.

Our toddler program offers:

  • Language Development

  • Fine and Gross Motor Skills

  • Story Time

  • Music Time


Preschool can be a exciting new chapter for three year old's. Kidz Rocket is fully prepared to nurture your child's desire to learn. We offer a preschool curriculum that provides:

  • Language Development

  • Phonics

  • Story Time

  • Martial Arts Classes

  • Dance Lessons

  • Cooking Classes

Before & Afterschool Care 

School can be challenging to children. At Kidz Rocket we provide a place for children to unwind after school. We offer a preschool curriculum that provides:

  • Homework Support

  •  Computer Lab

  •  Games

  •  Martial Arts Classes

  •  Face Painting

  •  Pizza Parties

Summer Camps 

Kidz Rocket is ready to provide a variety of summer camps in 2022. Summer means lots of time in the great outdoors, making memories with friends old and new, learning and trying new things, and having a blast at camp! This year will be different! You can trust the Kidz Rocket team to deliver a COVID safe summer program with more field trips and activities then ever before .

School Break Programs:

Winter, Spring & Summer, Too!
Winter break, spring break, summer break. When school’s out Kidz Rocket Daycare understands that you still need to work, you can count on us to provide your children with a safe and supportive learning environment that’s focused on fun. We welcome children ages 5–12 during school break times! We’ll make sure big kids have a awsome time with their friends that they won’t forget.
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