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Levitating Books


Early childhood development is the foundation to the success of all aged children. Here at KIDZ Rocket we believe there is no age that is too young to be exposed to the tools that will allow them to transition into any school in the district. Here are some details of what curriculum we offer at all our locations


When it comes to math our younger children work on beginning skills such as patterns, shape recognition, numbers, counting, and comparing. As they master these skills, they are able to slowly begin getting into subjects that are a little more challenging such as adding or subtracting. When teaching the children mathematics, we use a variety of manipulatives to make learning math interesting and enjoyable. The children may use blocks, plastic shapes, or even buttons to teach or reinforce a math concept.



In our construction center children use various types of blocks, blue prints, and maps to learn how structures are made while also tuning in on their imagination to create something amazing. Allowing them to have that free range teaches them self-management and allows them to strengthen their fine motor skills all in one area. Dramatic Play:

Young children thrive on dramatic play it encourages them to try to put themselves in someone else’s shoes. Having the opportunity to dress up as a police officer, a doctor or a construction worker teaches them about the different societal roles and shows us how they perceive them. Within the center the children learn important social skills and emotional skills such as listening or empathy. Dramatic play also promotes expressive language as children act out these roles when playing with one another. The children are inspired to communicate their wants to their peers and therefore, must utilize their language skills in order to do so.



Within each classroom we have a specified area dedicated to reading. Each classroom has an area with books, reading audios, and puppets so that children will be introduced to beginning reading skills. Every classroom has books at a variety of grade levels to ensure we are challenging the students once we have reached our reading goal to ensure continuous progress is always being made.

Language, Phonics, and Handwriting:

Our language skills begin in our toddler class and we will continuously build upon these skills as your child ages by using flash cards, alphabet songs, and using the environment around them such as logos or familiar text. Some of our primary focus would be on phonics, alliteration, onset-rime all of these skills lay the foundation to helping beginning readers understand how letters are linked to sounds to form letter-sound correspondences and spelling patterns. We also provide listening centers in the toddler and Pre-K classrooms so even though may not know how to read just yet it helps build their phonological awareness as children listen to stories and follow along in books, they begin to connect the words being heard to the physical words in the book. We also have handwriting centers within the classrooms which pull together all of the language concepts to have your children well prepared for the next grade level.



Music can be such a fun tool to use within the classroom. Each class plays a variety of music throughout the day so children hear classical, pop, and lullabies just to name a few. In addition, these songs are also used daily to reinforce what they are learning within the classroom. It can be great way to get the children moving and dancing while keeping it educational so definitely the best of both worlds!


Science and Sensory:

In science your child will use hands on materials such as magnets, rocks, skeletons, thermometers, scales and other items found in nature to begin to build their skills in observation, comparing, classifying, sorting and

theorization. Your child will also have the opportunity to explore a variety of materials such as sand, playdough, water, shaving cream and slime. All these items will stimulate your child senses while allowing them to explore new textures.



Children need to have multiple ways to self-express especially at a young age they are able to draw or paint before writing so providing those tools is something we strive to do. Your child will use many different materials such as paper, glue, scissors, paint, markers and crayons in a free-range area in order to have a chance to express themselves throughout the day.



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