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5 Family Activities For The Weekend

Get out and do something in the sun! -

We all know how important vitamin D is so why not enjoy our time while refueling from the sun. From swimming to a day out at the park getting your family outside for some fresh air is always a great time passer. For sure you'll never hear any child complain about getting a little dirty and having lots of fun! If you need ideas follow this link here to see what's available in your area (link to stuff in Houston)

· Plan an Arts & Crafts Day - At times when the weather isn't so nice Arts and Crafts can become a life saver. They are a timeless staple in any child's life and can keep them entertained for hours at a time while also giving you a forever memory that you’ve created together. There are a variety of activities to get your child involved ranging from toddler to school aged children; You can find some inspiration @linkforcrafts!


Plan a Mini Road Trip- Typically, when we think of weekend activities it's something close by but why not mix it up every now and then. Getting out of town can be the perfect setting for communication, relaxation, and exploration when done properly. Always plan ahead to ensure everything runs smoothly, pack plenty of snacks, lastly make sure the destination is appropriate for the age range of children that will be present.

· Have a game night- Playing games is always a fun way to end any day. It allows you to spend quality time together while introducing a little family friendly competition. Grab any game along with a few snacks and its sure to be a night to remember. You can find some family friendly games here (link to a variety of children games)

· Try a new recipe together- Getting your children in the kitchen probably doesn't sound ideal during a hectic week but during the weekend it’s a perfect time to get them involved. Putting something new on the table might be a challenge but getting them to help can make it so much easier. Involving them in the whole process will get them excited to try something new while teaching them a basic LifeSkill that everyone needs. Follow this @link to get some creative ideas I'm sure they’ll love.

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